Who We Are?

Our Mission

To share inspiring skiing guides that will take this sport to the next level. 

About the Author

My name is Rose, born and raised in Denver (Colorado). I started skiing and snowboarding when I was 12 years and I have never stopped. My dad never left me behind every time he went up the mountains. 


Don't Mention the Skiing
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About DMTS

I came up with the name Don’t Mention The Skiing  (DMT Skiing) because that is what my mother used to always tell my dad. Because every time skiing was mentioned by Dad we had to go a skiing trip there and then or I would be gloomy and sometimes sob all day.

That is how much I loved skiing as a kid and I still do. 

Extraordinary Experiences

Skiing is not all about getting on the cable and sliding. There is more to it and that is what we will be sharing here.

At Don’t Mention the Skiing, we will also be sharing our day-to-day gear and tips. We want as many people as possible to have blissful skiing trips. 

Our Core Values